About Us

Our Mission

Recognized as industry leaders in flavor and spice blend manufacturing, our mission is to embrace our customer’s specific needs by delivering outstanding value, exceptional service and committing to the development of cutting-edge formulas.

In 1975, we began our operations as a small family owned business by manufacturing flavor extracts and food colors for bakeries.

In 1982, we extended our product line to include soup bases and spice blends; a successful launch embraced by our ever increasing customer base. By 1985, in response to customer demand, our product line further expanded to include the manufacture of sauces and marinades; a decision that significantly increased our exposure in the food industry.

Our consistent high quality  service and products in the U.S. catapulted our vision to new heights. With the support of the U.S. Department of Commerce, we successfully engaged new markets abroad, further solidifying our place in a demanding industry.
In 2002, Flayco was awarded the prestigious U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Award.

Today, we are established industry leaders in flavor and spice manufacturing. We proudly service nationally and internationally recognized restaurants, bakeries, wholesale distributors, cruise lines and many others.

Our Research and Development team eagerly embraces our customer’s specific needs by committing to the development of cutting edge formulas.