Marliss® Chicharrones

Delicious Marliss® Chicharrones are a finger food favorite! Enjoy these with Marliss® Mojo Mayo at the next big game! 1 lb Pork Belly with skin Baking soda Salt Water (to cover) Marliss® Mojo Seasoning Directions Step 1 Rub the baking soda and salt all over the surface of the skin evenly. (Use baking soda and […]

Marliss® Sweet and Tangy Mojo Chicken

Marliss Mojo Baked Chicken 1

A Sweet and Tangy Mojo Chicken which can be grilled, baked or pan fried. 6 Chicken thighs (recommended) or breasts (made into cutlets or pounded with a mallet so that they are not too thick) Marinade 1 Cup Water 6 Fresh Cloves of Garlic ½ Cup Marliss® Soy Sauce ½ Cup Packed Brown Sugar ⅓ Cup Ketchup 1 […]